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As a server, you may want to purchase your own tools rather than expect your place of work to provide them. This way, you can take them home periodically to clean them. Also, when you move to another establishment you can take them with you. Since most of us are creatures of habit, it can be annoying to work with a different style and size of tray or different type of money holder every time you move.

If you’re serious about working in this industry for a while, get your own supplies. You’ll look and feel more like a pro!


A cash caddy is the perfect tool to clip to your tray and house your cash. This is perfect for the server who works the ‘cash and carry’ system (cocktail waitress).


A money belt or money pouch  is worn around the waist and holds supplies like a pad of paper, pens, cash, change, matches, wine opener, etc. It is mainly used by waitresses and waiters who work in restaurants or pubs (establishments that customers will sit at a table and run a tab/bill). If you choose to purchase one of these, I know it may be tempting to pick a cute color like pink or purple but don’t. Black is the common color worn by all pro waiters and waitresses and anything but black may be against company policy. Look on the positive side, black is slimming!


A waist apron is used by the server who works in family restaurants or diners. It usually has two or more pockets which can be used to store a guest check book, pad of paper, pens, matches, etc.  As I’ve mentioned above, don’t purchase any color but black. Black aprons don’t show how dirty they are and unless it’s black, you may not be allowed to wear it. It’s a good idea to own a few of these so that you can alternate them into the wash when necessary.


Trays– If you’re planning on serving drinks in a strip bar, night club or pub (cocktail waitress), then you must get yourself a tray. The tray I have been using for over 20 years is 14″. It can be a bit small at times when I get super busy, but it’s the tray that I was given when I was a new server and it’s what I’m accustomed to. I would recommend for you to get a 16″ tray and start your career with this standard size. Don’t purchase anything smaller than a 14″ since it will be too small. However, I’ve included a couple of 14″ trays here for you to check out if you’re more comfortable with that. Black and brown are pretty standard.




Waiter corkscrews/wine openers are handy little gadgets to keep on hand if you plan on serving in a high end establishment where they serve fine wines. If you are aching to own something other than black, get a pink corkscrew (however, make sure you double-check with your boss on the color choice).



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