Waitress Tip of the Month


September 2010-  When a customer asks you for his/her bill, instead of just setting it down and walking away, there is still that EXTRA opportunity to secure a GOOD tip! As you set the bill down, always say, “Thank you everyone! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!”

January 2011- To maximize on making big tips every shift, remember this mantra, “Smile when you’re happy, smile when you’re sad, smile when you’re tired, and smile when you’re mad.”

March 2011-  Always show up fifteen minutes early for your shift. It keeps your head level and you aren’t frazzled by the time you start your shift. You will be organized and ready to work!

April 2012- Try to memorize as many regular customers’ names as you can. They will be pleasantly surprised next time they return to your bar/restaurant, and you greet them with, “Hi John! How’s your day going?” They will feel like an old friend and you may see an increase in your tips!

May 2015- Full Tray IN, Full Tray OUT… Keep this rule in mind when you’re busy. This means that when you are working your section, you fill your whole tray with empties (keeping your section clean) before heading back to the bar and loading up with drinks to sell (maximizing on making money for the bar and tips for yourself).

June 2015- Always keep this mantra in mind…
SMILE when you’re happy
SMILE when you’re sad
SMILE when you’re tired and
SMILE when you’re mad

Your tips depend on it!


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