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How To Be a Waitress and Make Big Tips

If I could give you a book that was jam-packed full of waitressing tips, tricks, secrets and strategies that is GUARANTEED to INCREASE YOUR TIPS on your very next shift, would you be interested?

Have you ever wanted to get a job as a waitress but didn’t know the first thing about it? Maybe you just want to try working in a nightclub while the kids were in bed and try cocktail waitressing to make some extra money.  Maybe you just want to grab a few shifts at the neighborhood family restaurant and make some extra money.

It takes more than some skill to just pick up a tray and learn how to balance a full tray of drinks…

You’ll  have to learn how to count drink prices in your head, memorize where all those different cocktails and beer go to which table and know what to look for when IDing the youths.
Would you know the proper way to cut off an intoxicated customer or what to do when a table full of patrons disappear on you after they order drinks?
Do you know how to charm your way through a forgotten drink order in a way that you will still get a tip?
Would you know what to do when a customer wants to run a tab so you don’t get stuck paying the bill in case they plan on pulling an Eat and Run or how do you get on the good side of a jealous woman customer and still have her tip you at the end of her visit?

You can get all this information and more when you order your own copy of “How to be a Waitress and Make Big Tips.”

You’ll discover:

  • How to make an extra $10-$30 more in tips per hour!
  • Why every successful server needs “S.H.O.E.S” and what does this mean?
  • How to handle your room when you get crazy busy
  • How to make yourself  the top earner
  • Some handy memorization tips
  • Basic bar terminology
  • How to secure a tip
  • The art of upselling drinks
  • How to handle “come ons”, the stalker, the jelous woman customer, the drunk, young clientele…
  • The unbelieveable stories when you read the BONUS CHAPTER on “100 of Romana’s Unforgettable Customers

“How to be a Waitress and Make Big Tips” is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to be a highly tipped and successful waitress, guaranteed!

I am convinced that you’ll  be more than satisfied through our no-risk, you can’t lose, 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied and inspired with your purchase, contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

What I’m saying is don’t decide now if  HOW TO BE A WAITRESS AND MAKE BIG TIPS is right for you.

Try it out for one full month-risk free.

  • If it doesn’t inspire and assist a waitress, waiter or bartender who works  in a bar, nightclub, dance bar, strip bar, café, casino, family restaurant, piano bar, golf course, banquette server, diner or any other place you find a waitress, waiter or bartender serving the public
  • if it doesn’t help you strategize and teach you  organization skills in learning how to handle a busy room
  • if it doesn’t guide you step by step in learning how to count drink prices in your head
  • if it doesn’t take you by the hand and teach you the many secrets of securing a tip
  • if it doesn’t give you exponential advice on getting yourself safely to your car after hours
  • if it doesn’t thrill you knowing you will know how to handle come-ons, the stalker, the jealous woman customer, the drunk and young clientele
  • if it doesn’t fire you up and inspire you knowing you will be mastering the art of up-selling drinks and easily grasping basic bar terminology
  • and if it doesn’t  arouse your curiosity to get a sneak peak behind the scenes and read my many unusual stories in the bonus chapter called Romana’s Unforgettable Customers (a peek behind the scenes as to what a waitress and bartender deal with in a strip bar on a daily basis, THEN I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY AND I’LL GLADLY GIVE IT ALL BACK.

You have nothing to lose!

How much is this extraordinary book going to cost you? Well, the regular price of  HOW TO BE A WAITRESS AND MAKE BIG TIPS is $24.99. However, for a limited time, we are running an introductory offer and you can have it at a discount for only $19.99. That’s $5.00 off – but you must act now!

So, if I could show you how to make more money in tips every single shift you work, would you pay a measly $19.99 for this information that you will know for the rest of your waitressing career? I knew you would!

That is why I will personally guarantee you that by following the advice in my money-making book, you will MORE than MAKE UP PAYING the $19.99 ON YOUR VERY NEXT SHIFT! So, go ahead…what are you waiting for?


The BEST book in the serving industry that will SHOW you HOW to make MORE MONEY IN TIPS!

ISBN 10: 1-933817-61-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-933817-61-3

358 pages, paperback

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