Meet Romana

At the strip bar I work at, I’ve been asked, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

My story is a bit unusual…

Over 20 years ago, I decided to embark on a new career… waitressing. It always seemed to interest me. I also thought that it would be something I might enjoy and be good at…especially going home with cash tips at the end of every shift.
I put together my resumé and started to pound the pavement. Four months later, I was still without a serving job. Nobody would look at me because I had no waitressing experience.

One day while I was at the modeling agency where I worked, I came out of the classroom after teaching my Wednesday night personal development class. My girlfriend who was the agency’s secretary, informed me that she entered both of us in a bikini contest at the local nightclub.

“Are you nuts? You expect me to parade around in a bikini while a club full of drunk guys watch? I’m not doing it!” I told her in a panic.

“Ro, the woman who is running the contest needs contestants and I promised her that we would do it. She’s paying us $50 and we get all the free drinks we want!”

Two days later, I was sauntering around on the dance floor of the nightclub in my God awful bikini that had pelicans painted all over it. I had no tan (I was white as a sheet) and there were five of us contestants. My girlfriend and I didn’t even place in the top three! I was mortified, but I was determined to try again.

For three years, I became a bikini contest model and entered the bikini contest circuit. I dyed my hair bleach blonde, got a killer suit, started to tan, killed myself with exercise and got more confidence. I was always placing top three in the preliminaries and finals. I won Miss Budweiser 1995 as well as numerous other titles.

But, something good happened on the day I did that first bikini contest….

I got a job as a shooter girl! The manager decided to give me a try and I worked there for a year as a shooter girl and beer barrel girl, until I ended up with a job at our local strip bar where I have worked at for over 20 years. It was the owner at that first nightclub who eventually phoned me three times after I had quit and asked me, “Romana, please come back! You were my best shooter girl!”

I stayed at the strip bar (because it was only ten minutes from home, opposed to the nightclub which was almost one hour away), working my way from the bottom of the ladder to where I am now as head waitress.

During this long journey which was full of hard work, I have learned how to make myself the top earner, handle the room by myself when I got slammed, how to secure a tip from a customer, the art of up-selling drinks, how to handle drunks, the rude customers, jealous women and SO MUCH more.

20 years forward…here I am.  An author of my first book, “How To Be a Waitress and Make Big Tips” which was published in June of 2010. It has taken me 2 1/2 years to complete this informative and entertaining, but unique book.
Because I have had over 20 years experience in the bar industry, I want to share my money-making knowledge with other servers who could benefit from my advice and make more money in the serving industry than they thought was even possible!

This book can be picked up by someone who has never waitressed before and get the inside track on how and what it takes to do this job. Even the seasoned pro may learn a new trick or two, or refine some of her/his own skills.
Whether you work as a waitress or waiter in a nightclub, strip bar, pub, diner, casino, restaurant or any other serving establishment, it doesn’t really matter. The principals of serving the public is basically the same.

Of course you have to work hard, but I will show you how to work “smart” to make big tips! I believe that by following my strategies in my book (along with the right attitude and some hard work), any individual can take the right steps towards earning big tips today!


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