How to dramatically increase your tips on your very next shift!

Find out how to make more money in tips by mastering PROVEN waitress secrets, tips and strategies in an easy to follow, tested system that works EVERY TIME – even if you’ve never held a job as a waitress or waiter before!

I promise that by following my easy to understand strategies in HOW TO BE A WAITRESS AND MAKE BIG TIPS, you will be thrilled when you realize you will be going home with more tip money on your very next shift!

And once you’ve gotten a taste of how fun and easy these common sense strategies are, you will not believe the FAST RESULTS by making those big tips!

Learning the information in HOW TO BE A WAITRESS AND MAKE BIG TIPS is CLEAR AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND. It is geared to give you QUICK RESULTS that will keep you motivated and excited to go to work every shift, knowing the EXTRA MONEY you WILL be making!

Some of the advice found in HOW TO BE A WAITRESS AND MAKE BIG TIPS

  • Learn the one most important thing to put on your resume that will put you ahead of others. You’ll find the tip on page 19.
  • There are many guys and girls that work in a nightclub downtown and need to get to their vehicle in a parkade after hours (sometimes as early as 4:00 am). You MUST know these essential aspects of safety at work as well as when you leave your establishment. Learn this life-saving information starting on page 32.
  • Do you know some of the basic bar terminology? Would you know what a “shandy” is? How about “a dark and dirty?” If a customer ordered “a vodka over, coke back” or a “cubra libra press,” would you know what that is? Find this out and a lot more starting on page 47.
  • The biggest waitressing nightmare is to have a customer disappear on their tab which you will end up paying for if he or she doesn’t return. Find out how to avoid this ever happening to you again, 100% guaranteed if you follow this advice starting on page 58 (a full chapter devoted to this subject!)
  • Soak up tons of revealing information starting on page 73 in the chapter “Sniff Out The Tippers and Bend Over Backwards For Them.”
  • You will learn the main tip-killer on page 82.
  • On page 83, learn the one thing that puts your customers in a real tipping-mood!
  • A server works long and hard for their precious tips. You MUST read the chapter on “The Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Losing Money” starting on page 105.
  • There are many servers that memorize all their drink and food orders. Find out how it’s done by reading “The Memorizing Secret” on page 118…..Yes, you’re only human and may forget a drink order or two. Find out how to charm your way through a forgotten drink order and STILL get a tip! This is some powerful information that is found on page 140.
  • On page 164, discover the one thing you need to know about a customer to automatically increase your tip (you will use this information about him or her and I’m not even talking about blackmail!)
  • Many other simple tactics you can use NOW on your very NEXT SHIFT!
  • And much, much more…

… So you can transform yourself into a successful money-making waitress or waiter, even if you’ve never been a waitress before!

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……..MY MISSION is to provide all waitresses and waiters with quality information that is easy, fast and fun to learn. By sharing this powerful knowledge, all servers will have the opportunity to make bigger tips and have a blast doing it!

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Waitress Tip of the Week …April 6, 2012

Try to memorize as many regular customers’ names as you can. They will be pleasantly surprised next time they return to your bar/restaurant, and you greet them with, “Hi John! How’s your day going?” They will feel like an old friend and you may see an increase in your tips!

Waitress Tip of the Week …March 5, 2011

Always show up fifteen minutes early for your shift. It keeps your head level and you aren’t frazzled by the time you start your shift. You will be organized and ready to work!

Waitress Tip of the Week …January 12, 2011

To maximize on making big tips every shift, remember this mantra, “Smile when you’re happy, smile when you’re sad, smile when you’re tired, and smile when you’re mad.”

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